06 April, 2020

To mask or not ?

Thanks  to SAPPF for this press   release


Because of the current critical shortage of essential protective equipment such as N95 and surgical masks, use of these should be restricted to healthcare workers working in the front line, treating critically ill patients infected by the virus. These healthcare workers include doctors, nurses, allied health professional and all support staff working in facilities that provide healthcare. It is not appropriate for the general public out on their daily trip to and from work or any other daily activity to be wearing these medical grade masks.
The use of cloth masks and scarves is currently being evaluated and the evidence supports they can be effective, along with hand washing,  in stopping the spread of the droplets that cause infection. It is important to understand that wearing masks is not helpful if people constantly touch the mask or their face and do not wash their hands regularly. All of these measures are necessary to stop the spread of the virus.

The general public is urged therefore to heed this request, which is aimed at ensuring that healthcare workers treating infected patients do not themselves become infected. Only healthcare professionals should be wearing medical grade masks.

These recommendation do not supersede the absolute need for social distancing.


01 April, 2020

Working hours during Covid lockdown + telehealth




Please note  that our consulting rooms are closed during the lockdown period

Our hours will be  re assessed as further developments unfold during these unprecedented times

Emergency case will  be assessed on a case by case basis and we make use of a thorough screening process 


In Hospital  treatments continue as  usual


The Hydrotherapy  pool  is closed until further notice


Any account queries can be emailed to


The email  is monitored, but there  may be a delayed response



Our team  is ready  to serve


Stay  safe and stay strong  😊